Useful Links

  • Healthcare IT Spotlight – A blog within Computer World which “provides tips, guidance, predictions, methodologies and best practices for the implementation and use of technology by the healthcare industry.”
  • mHIMSS Blog – A team of bloggers provides mobile health insights as part of HIMSS’s mobile health initiative.
  • Fierce Mobile Healthcare – “FierceMobileHealthcare gives IT executives, program managers, and project leaders the latest news on the rapidly evolving mobile healthcare environment,” and offers daily or weekly email updates on mobile healthcare news.
  • Healthcare IT News – A partner of HIMSS, this website provides health IT news coverage as well as a blog.
  • Mobi Health News – “MobiHealthNews, founded in 2008, has quickly become the leading provider of news, commentary, online events and research for the global mobile health community.” The website publishes daily posts on its online news portal and twice weekly in its free newsletter.
  • Capsules – Kaiser Health News’ blog which often covers mobile health news.
  • Search Health IT – A section of this website is dedicated to mobile health news coverage.
  • The Health Care Blog – This blog covers a wide array of health care topics, including mobile health.
  • Online Tech – Online tech is a managed data center operator in the Midwest, and their blog often focuses on mobile health issues, especially as they relate to HIPAA compliance.
  • KevinMD – This blog is associated with Med Page Today, and covers mobile health issues.  Information about guest blog posts can be found here.
  • iHealth Beat – Blog that covers health IT news, and has a section dedicated to mobile health news.
  • mHealth Insight – “mHealth Insight is a blog from the team at 3G Doctor, a private company that operates at the exciting forefront of the mHealth industry.”
  • The Digital Health Blog – A blog by Paul Sonnier which covers digital health news, including mobile health.
  • Mobile Healthcare Today Blog – “Mobile Healthcare Today’s Editor’s Blog is a place for our editorial staff – and valued industry professionals – to provide their commentary regarding the latest developments.”
  • Healthcare Wireless and Device Connectivity – A blog that is dedicated to coverage of wireless medical connectivity issues.
  • Health Affairs Blog – Provides extensive coverage of a wide range of health care issues.
  • Chilmark Research Blog – Chilmark Research is dedicated to conducting research in the health IT market, and has a blog where members of the Chilmark team analyze relevant health IT action.
  • A Healthy Dose of Mobility – This blog is authored by Cameron Powell MD, who is the CMO and co-founder of AirStrip Technologies, a mobile healthcare software company.
  • Ted Eytan, MD – Ted is a family physician and Director at Kaiser Permanente, the Permanente Federation, and his blog is dedicated to health information technology.
  • Everything Wireless – A blog which focuses on issues of wireless connectivity in medical devices.  The blog is authored by Jon Adams, who is Chair of Technical Working Group at Continua Health Alliance and Vice-Technical Chair and Marketing Chair for ZigBee Health Care at ZigBee Alliance.
  • Meaningful HIT News – A blog authored by Neil Verse, who is a freelance healthcare journalist, specializing in health IT, mobile health, healthcare quality, hospital/physician practice management and healthcare finance.
  • Government Health IT  – Offers extensive health IT news coverage as well as a blog.
  • The cHealth Blog – This blog, which focuses on connected health (cHealth) is authored by Joseph Kvedar, MD, who is the director of the Center for Connected Health within Partners HealthCare.
  • The FDA Law Blog – The blog of Hyman, Phelps & McNamara, P.C., which looks at all issues regarding FDA regulations from an attorney’s perspective.
  • Health Populi – This blog is authored by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, who is a health economist and management consultant that serves clients at the intersection of health and technology.
  • HealthTechZone – Covers all news regarding technology in health care, also offers weekly newsletters summarizing the week’s health IT action.
  • mHealth Watch – “The first blog of its kind dedicated to writing about mHealth and how it will play an important role in the healthcare ecosystem, especially as America marches towards implementing electronic records.”
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